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Male Prostitute Robs Clients

Posted on 16/9/2010
A 23-year-old man who has been 'servicing' men while dressed as a woman has been arrested.

The suspect, Francis Atsu, smartly dressed as a fashionable attractive female, tells his sex partners he is called Gifty Atsu.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE exclusively at the Accra Regional Police Head-quarters after his arrest yesterday, Francis/Gifty Atsu revealed that he started dressing like a woman and practising prostitution at Aflao years ago.

"I only came to Accra recently to look for greener pastures when a soldier man hired my services for the night," he said.

According to him, he had so far had sexual intercourse with ten men since arriving in Accra and seemed sorry his adventure had been so quickly terminated.

Even the police were fooled initially because they thought they had a woman in their grips who had just looted items from one of her clients, a soldier.

Francis had breasts like a woman. Apparently, they were two gloves filled with water and nicely tucked into a brassiere.

He wore earrings, three pieces on each ear, beads on his waist, an anklet and had a wig on, and wore a lady's skirt and blouse that made him look completely like a woman.

In his hand, Francis carried a lady's handbag which was filled with condoms and a make-up kit.

Drama unfolded when the prostitute was hauled to the police station for stealing his/her client's laptop and other items after spending the night with him.

He was arrested when he tried selling the items at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle last Monday and was subsequently detained in the female cells of the Accra Central Police Station.

According to a police source, 'Gifty' Atsu was spotted by the soldier during the celebration of the Homowo Festival Bash at Teshie on Saturday.

The source said the soldier then bargained with the lady to spend the night with 'her' for a fee of GH¢2O.

After the agreed deal, the soldier (name withheld) then took 'her' to a friend's house to spend the night.

"That night, the soldier was so drunk that he could not perform and therefore did not touch Gifty till the next morning," the police said.

In the morning, the soldier left Gifty in his friend's (also a soldier) room for work, with the intention to return later in the day to satisfy his sexual desires.

"Gifty, after the soldier left, took the laptop of their host digital and manual cameras, a barbering machine, as well as some jeans trousers together with an amount of GH¢2O and bolted."

The soldier however did not report the matter to the police.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, the Accra regional crime officer, Superintendent Frank Adufati, indicated that Francis Atsu was arrested Monday night by the police when he tried to sell the stolen items.

He noted that the police could not immediately detect that she was a man until close examination by the investigator in charge of the case the next day.

"In her caution statement, Francis Atsu gave his name as Gifty Atsu. We could also not immediately detect she was a man because she had breasts, and was wearing earrings, beads, a wig and a lady's dress and other items used by women."

Mr. Adufati said the investigator, upon interrogation; realised Gifty was behaving as if she was a man.

"The investigator then sought permission to examine Gifty and it was during the examination that we detected she was a man."

The police have since contacted the soldier the prostitute allegedly robbed for his statement.

Francis Atsu would be arraigned soon, according to the regional crime officer, to answer charges of stealing.